Reliable And Efficient Industrial Emergency Electrical Services In Windsor And Penrith

We understand how important it is for all your equipment to be functioning properly. Industry downtime can incur huge losses and as a well-wisher we want you to have minimal downtime. When you need a quick electrical solution, excellent workmanship, and reliable service during emergency periods, Active Electrical Solutions has the right team of an industrial electricians in Penrith to call.

If you own a manufacturing or industrial firm, you will benefit from our specialised industrial control and installation services. Power control, power plant upgrades/expansions, and switchboard design/additions are just a few of the services that we provide with. When we undertake an industrial project, we make sure to deliver quality solutions at a cost-effective rate. Our management team works hard to minimise any productivity loss.

Wide range of industrial electrical services to suit your needs

Active Electrical Solutions provides a wide range of commercial and industrial electrical services across Penrith and Windsor locality. With many years of experience in the electrical industry, feel confident knowing that your services will be delivered to your desired outcome within the required time and budget. We come well equipped with a team of highly skilled and experienced electricians to guide you through your next electrical project. We strive implement innovative electrical solutions and supply comprehensive service options to minimize your stress and downtime.

Our services are tailored to meet all your business specific requirements. If your job requires you to work outside of normal business hours, you should be certain that you will have access to skilled and experienced electricians at all hours of the day. So, feel free to appoint our services in times of need. You will not regret it!

Team of highly experienced and qualified industrial electricians

Our project managers have extensive experience in designing and managing industrial electrical services. Over the years, we have partnered with both big production firms and medium-sized and small enterprises to deliver effective results. If you are looking for a local industrial electrical service in Penrith that exudes excellence, we are the ones to call.

Active Electrical Solutions is committed to building long-term partnerships with our industrial customers. We provide regular repair and inspection services, as well as maintenance updates. You can enjoy continued functionality and security of your business operations with the help of a single expert team.

Call us for emergency solutions and routine maintenance

We understand the importance of routine maintenance and servicing to keep your workplace safe and productive. We make sure that our electricians stay updated with all kinds of health and safety standards, and we do all we can to ensure that all work sites are safe before work proceedings.

Active Electrical Solutions is still learning new technology and is happy to give you advice about what will be the next big thing in your business. We are the most reliable name when it comes to new installations, solution design, or scheduled facility maintenance.

Whether it is a large or small project, we are here to help you out with all your industrial electrical service needs across Windsor and Penrith. Call us now and collect your free quotes today!